About Oil Trades Supply

Family-Owned Since 1978

In 1978 Oil Trades Supply was incorporated by Walter Adamushko as a distributor of Petroleum and Chemical Handling Equipment. Shortly thereafter, Oil Trades pivoted to become one of the top Refurbishers of Liquid Handling Equipment in the US.

The company has been family run by Walter, Pat and Janice (his daughters) and Matt and Dave (his grandsons) throughout the years as times and lifestyles have changed.

For the last 45 years we have been distributors and dealers, rebuilders and refurbishers, and a design-build shop. From our original home in Brooklyn on Avenue D, to our warehouse upstate and admin office in queens, and now as an online dealer and broker helmed by Pat; we have held to our commitment to quality equipment no matter the industry.

That’s right, folks, we have closed our warehouse and rebuilding business, but Pat has kept Oil Trades as a vehicle for equipment and machinery brokering across industries.

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