FlowDaddy 60 Solar Powered Off-Grid Pumping System w/Goulds Pump


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FlowDaddy 60+ Solar Powered, Off-Grid Pumping System

By Petro Chem industrial

The FlowDaddy 60+ is a solar powered, off-grid pumping system designed and built by Petro Chem Industrial. The 60+ featured a Goulds 3×1.5 centrifugal pump that can do 60+GPM depending on operating conditions. It’s a 24V system with twin 12V 4amp solar panels hooking parallel to create a 24V solar array that charges and stores power in a 24V 200Ah battery bank on the bottom level of our custom designed skid. The panels can fully charge the bank in 8 days of sunshine. About 20% of the power of the bank is required to operate the pump for 6hrs continuously. 1hr of continuous use = ~ 3,600 gallons.

Max usage per day recommended is about 3hrs or ~10,500 gallons/day.

The power is controlled by two switches on the skid (one for main system power and the second for the pump). The skid also features a 300W power inverter so that the skid can act as a solar generator as well in times of need to power 120V AC appliances that require less than 300W of power.

Please feel free to reach out with questions or custom solar pumping system builds. We can accommodate most requests!

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Weight 750 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 24 × 52 in