FlowDaddy Tunnel 3.0 Solar Powered Pumping System


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Optimal Flow. Flawless Operation.

We are please to present the FlowDaddy Tunnel 3.0 – a first in a line of Solar Powered Pumping Systems by Yours Truly. First HERE IS A LINK TO THE VIDEO!!! WATCH & ENJOY

So… What is it?

The FlowDaddy Tunnel 3.0 is a mobile, light weight (120lbs), solar powered pump with a built in battery bank. It is stylish, encased in a custom-designed clear PETG (100% recyclable and recycled plastic) “tunnel” that protects the electronics and houses the 12V 100Ah battery. The Tunnel 3.0 boasts a 1/2″ bronze positive displacement pump that is capable of 3-5 GPM depending on the operating conditions.

Here are some of my favorite things about the FlowDaddy Tunnel 3.0 Solar Pump:

  1. No “set up” – the unit is pre-assembled
  2. $0 installation costs
  3. $0 operating costs
  4. It’s portable!
  5. Durability – The FlowDaddy 3.0 is designed to last a decade!!

Let’s take a look at the technicals…

  • Brand: FlowDaddy
  • Model: Tunnel 3.0
  • Flow Rate: 3-5GPM (depending on operating conditions)
  • Pump: 3/4″ Bronze Paddle Pump (positive displacement)
  • Solar Panel:48Watt (12V 4amp) = 288Wh/Day
  • Battery: 100Ah
  • Charge Time: 3.6days (Winter), 2.4days (Summer)
  • Operating Time/Day = 2-3hrs (Continuous)
  • Total Possible Battery Operating Time: 7.5hrs (not a recommended practice as you’ll strain the battery and over time this will reduce it’s lifespan; however it is possible in emergency situations)
  • Total Possible Sunlight Operating Time: Continuous

Pretty cool eh? We built the FlowDaddy Tunnel 3.0 from the ground up to be EASY! Easy to setup, easy to use, easy to transport and easy on your wallet! $0 operating costs, $0 installation costs! Anyone who’s purchased a conventionally powered pump skid knows you need to hire an electrician to wire in the motor. The FlowDaddy’s power is self-contained, no need to be an electrical engineer or have knowledge of solar power at all. Simply unbox, place in the sun, angle the panel appropriately, and turn it on! Ok, fine… you also have to connect garden hose to the inlet and outlet and direct them to the source and the destination respectively. But seriously that’s it – takes less than 5 minutes and you’ll be pumping!

Common Applications

  • Off-Grid Water Pumping (to a tank for pressure filtering or for livestock)
  • Off-Grid Agricultural pumping (irrigation, liquid fertilizers, etc)
  • Light-Grade Fuel Oils (Low Viscosity) where electricity is either not viable or not preferred
  • Remember, $0 Operating Costs, the sky’s the limit!!

At $1,399.00 + Shipping, you simply can’t go wrong!!

Additional information

Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 40 in