Tell us your Walter story:

Walter was “The Big Guy”, the “Towering Terrier” – from his days playing ball at St. Francis, “Walt”, an old school “wheeler and dealer” & he was my grandfather. He had a larger-than-life personality and the height to back it up.

He loved his family, he was magnanimously generous and he loved this business; really, he lived and breathed Oil Trades. “You make the money on the buy” was his favorite phrase to pass around the office and he approached every situation during his tenure as “the big boss” in that spirit. He was the type of guy who could make almost anyone he met laugh and smile inside a minute or two with his antics. I think it was his ability to see the value of what something could become that people gravitated towards and also what drove him to work at Oil Trades until nearly his last days. That’s what love is, no?!

But he also knew he couldn’t do it all alone and made a point to surround himself with talented people who did excellent work on the equipment he acquired. Walter built (with a tremendous amount of help from his daughters, Pat and Janice) Oil Trades into a 40+ year business that has spanned 3 generations of his family; not everyone can say something like that about their grandfather!

He is missed each and every day.